Identify the right subscription discount

Test your subscription discounts to find the right balance between OTP and subscription pricing.

Offer LTV boosting subscriptions without giving away a greater discount than you need.

Split test your subscription offerings in order to find the most profitable combination of OTP price and subscription discounts.

Test one-time-purchase prices and subscription discounts in parallel

Easily create multi-group split tests to test the relationship between OTP and subscription prices. Choose which products to test, then configure OTP prices and subscription discount per test group.

Intelligems speaks with your subscription service

Our out-of-the box integration with Recharge makes subscription testing seamless. Ensure customers receive the correct subscription price during and after the test.

Insight driven analytics

Our analytics dashboard will help you quickly understand the cumulative impact of the OTP and subscription pricing on key metrics like profit, conversion, AOV and LTV.

“Excellent app and amazing team! We were able to 2x our on-page CVR due to the price/variable tests we ran with Intelligems. Highly recommended!”

Anant Handa, Groomie Club

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