The Smartest Offers that Boost Profit

Build a campaign offer, associate it to a specific link, create site wide messages, and test them to see which is the most successful.

How it works

Excellent Customer Experience

Offer feedback and personalized messaging, with sleek interfaces to help understand the discount they receive. No dark patterns — just great UX.

No Discount Codes

No codes, no leakage, and discounts automatically apply.

Great Data Attribution

Intelligems monitors every visitor and impression of a campaign, measuring CVR, AOV, and even Profit.

A/B Test Any Offer

All campaigns are underpinned with the sophisticated A/B testing power of Intelligems — from the UX to the offer.

Case Study

How Branch got 2X+ more from their abandoned cart flow

By plugging Intelligems Campaigns into their abandoned cart flow, Branch was able to test the incrementality of different offers and ensure they were maximizing profit and conversion.

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