Volume Discounts

Easily create volume discounts and then use our powerful A/B testing to compare different versions and increase your profitability.

Why use Volume Discounts by Intelligems?

Boost AOV and Profitability

Offer your customers customized discounts that can increase

overall profit.

A Full Stack Solution

Our all in one solution is easily integrated into your Shopify store.

A/B Test your Discounts

Using our powerful A/B testing you can compare multiple discounts to see which one works best.

Grow your Business Intelligently

A flexible solution for all your volume discount needs.

Easy to use Quantity-Selectors

Create up to 4 buttons showcasing your volume discount that can be used on any of your product detail pages. You can choose from an array of button styles and colors.


In Cart Progress Bar & In Cart Messages

With our progress bar your customers will see the discount tiers which will prompt them to buy more to get the best deal without ever leaving their cart. You can also add upsell messages right in the cart.

Simple to Set Up

Easily configure your tiers, offers, and eligible products in a self-serve interface. Customize your copy and designs for buttons and call outs.

A/B Test All of your Volume Discounts

Using real data see which discount works best. You can test up to 5 groups and customize each group to your liking.


$75* per month

Plus 0.25% of total order value (pre-shipping and pre-tax), applied only to orders that achieve Intelligems volume discounts

You have a 7-day free trial

*$75 per month fee is waived for merchants on any of our other testing plans

Frequently Asked Questions

What are volume discounts?

Volume discounts give offers to customers when they buy either a certain quantity of items (e.g., buy 3 get 30% off), or a particular amount of spend (e.g., spend $150 for 10% off). They can be “stacked” on top of one another to make sure that a customer always has an incentive to add items to their cart.

Are there any technical requirements?

You must be on Shopify Plus, and not be a headless store.

Do you use draft orders to do the discounts?

No- we find draft orders to be very clunky, and have built this without them. We will mainly use checkout scripts.

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