How Nurture& Eliminated Discount

Code Leakage in under 30 minutes

Key Goals

• Provide personalized discounts to visitors acquired through influencer campaigns

• Avoid discount code leakage from sites like Honey, etc.

• Showcase discounts on-site to boost offer effectiveness

• Replace existing codes quickly and without significant dev work

Context and Background

Nurture& creates thoughtfully designed and premium quality nursery furniture for modern parents. Their furniture products range in price from $799 to $1,399 and include their flagship reclining nursery chair, cribs, dressers, daybeds and more.

Nurture& leverages an omni-channel marketing strategy to reach new customers, including through resellers, social media and influencers.


Discounts for these audiences had primarily been implemented through discount codes, but the team noticed many of these codes had been posted to code-sharing sites and suspected customers were abusing these offers. They wanted to get rid of influencer discount codes (some of the most frequently abused among their codes), but did not want to sacrifice their influencer program or the new customers it was bringing in.

Additionally, the team at Nurture& wanted to make it more obvious when a customer landed on their site from an influencer campaign that they were getting a special discount, and therefore make the customers more likely to convert.

Finally, they wanted a quick turnaround and to avoid any major dev work in implementing their new discounts.

How Intelligems Campaigns Plugged in

With Intelligems Campaigns, Nurture& was able to quickly and easily replace their influencer discount codes with automatic discounts that customers could only access through a customized link. Now when users come to the site through this link, they can see they’re getting a discount and it’s automatically applied at checkout (no discount code required).

Here are the steps they followed:

1. Create the campaign in Intelligems

Flexibility in creating offers, including ability to apply the discount only to certain products, require a minimum purchase amount or cap the total discount a customer can receive.

2. Design the on-site experience

Fully customizable widgets allowed for seamless integration with Nurture&’s Shopify theme

3. Update the checkout script

After the campaign is created, a small change to checkout scripts (or a discount function for non-Shopify customers) is often required. The script is automatically generated by Intelligems and was ready to copy and paste as soon as the campaign was saved! The checkout script ensures that visitors get the correct discount at checkout!

4. Replace influencer code references with personalized links

In the Intelligems Campaigns dashboard, the team was able to generate a link that “unlocked” the offer for targeted customers. This would go into the influencer campaigns - no need to generate coupon codes, or for customers to remember the codes from the influencer content.

5. Launch the campaign

After enabling the campaign in the Intelligems dashboard, the discount was live. As a customer lands on the site form the customized link, they see the targeted pop-up and the discount is automatically applied.

The Nurture& team was able to track performance of the campaign real time in the Intelligems Analytics Dashboard.


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