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By plugging Intelligems Campaigns into their abandoned cart flow, Branch was able to test the incrementality of different offers and ensure they were maximizing profit and conversion.

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How Animalhouse Fitness boosted profit through price testing.

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This customer boosted AOV and revenue per site visitor by increasing their free shipping threshold.

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How Sheets & Giggle's basic, collection-wide price test unlocked an opportunity to boost conversion and revenue.

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VKTRY Gear boosted conversion by over 30% and grew their profits by testing a price decrease.

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Wondering whether bundle discounts or lower product prices will drive more conversion while improving margins? This brand ran an AB test to find out!

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With Intelligems Campaigns, Nurture& was able to quickly and easily replace their influencer discount codes with automatic discounts that customers could only access through a customized link.

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Laura Geller used Intelligems's auto-applied discounts to replace discount codes and boost conversion/profit for one of their biggest annual promotions.

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Momofuku used Intelligems to test 5 different offers and gained confidence that they could maximize profit going into the busy holiday period.


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