Our Mission

Our mission is simple: we want to help e-commerce entrepreneurs improve their businesses and make more money, by helping you use data to manage your pricing and profitability more effectively.

We aim to provide independent e-commerce stores access to the same revenue optimization tools that power the growth and profitability of companies like Amazon and Uber.

Founders Story

Our founders and several team members met at Via Transportation, a ridesharing company based in NYC. Over the course of five years, we gradually built out the tools, data, algorithms, and systems to compete with the rapidly evolving rideshare market.

The most powerful tool we built was for A/B testing. Any question or hypothesis we had, we could simply run a test to get the (statistically significant) answer. All of the data was tracked, and a central dashboard did the analysis for us and our decentralized city teams. Our pace of innovation skyrocketed. We increased customer LTV 4x and improved profitability and unit economics.

Now, as Intelligems, we are bringing our learning, mindset, and toolkit to e-commerce operators, especially Shopify store owners.

Our Values

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Put our customers first

We’re here to create impact for our customers. As such, we will always put our customers' interests first.

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Be helpful

Whether it's a request from a customer, a teammate, or a partner, we will do our best to be prompt and generous in our support.

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Strive for excellence

We want to be the best in the world at what we do. If we decide to do something, we will commit to making it as good as possible.

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Build and develop a diverse, world-class team

Combined, our team knows more about e-commerce pricing than anyone else in the world. Check out our careers page if you’re interested in joining us.


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