Meet the Team

Hi! We are Intelligems.

Our mission is simple: we want to ensure that independent e-commerce stores have access to the same revenue optimization tools that power the growth and profitability of companies like Amazon, Southwest, and Uber.

Pricing matters, and it’s not easy to get right. Pricing is multi-dimensional, and if your ecommerce company doesn’t have a team of data analysts in the back room moving the dials, running constant tests, and using data to generate rapid insights, you’re leaving money (and profit) on the table.

We create outstanding pricing intelligence and business outcomes for e-commerce stores.

As the founders of Intelligems, we found our “why” early. We met on the growth team at Via Transportation, a ridesharing company based in NYC, and were given the side job of “figuring out pricing.” All rides were priced at $5. Everywhere, all the time.

Over the course of four years, we gradually built out the tools, data, and systems to compete with the fluid, smart pricing approaches of our largest competitors. We started with baby steps -- building the mechanism for a virtual taxi meter. Eventually, we were building dynamic pricing algorithms tailored to individual cities.

The most powerful tool we built was for A/B testing. Any question or hypothesis we had, we could simply run a test to get the (statistically significant) answer. All of the data was tracked, and a central dashboard did the analysis for us and our decentralized city teams. Our pace of innovation skyrocketed. We increased customer LTV 4x and improved profitability and unit economics.

Our skills were a great match. Drew, with experience from McKinsey and an Economics degree from Yale, led the operations and financial team in New York. Adam, with a Electrical Engineering degree from Georgia Tech and experience doing analytics consulting at IBM, led the pricing algorithms engineering team in Tel Aviv.

Now, as Intelligems, we are bringing our learning, mindset, and toolkit to e-commerce operators, especially Shopify store owners.

We’ve learned that most e-commerce companies are using a legacy or finger-in-the-wind approach to pricing. That’s not good enough in this competitive landscape. We’re on your side, and we can’t wait to talk with you about making your business smarter and more successful.

-- Drew & Adam

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