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A/B Test your pricing on your Shopify store to maximize margins.

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Why Intelligems?

We help you answer the hard questions.

How much growth is unlocked if I lower my prices?

Will I lose conversion at checkout if I charge for shipping?

How much will conversion drop if I raise price by 10%?

How much does LTV increase if I offer a subscribe and save discount?

What We Offer

A powerful and flexible solution for A/B testing prices.


Easy Setup and Testing

We make it simple to integrate and launch new tests -- so you can focus on increasing profit.

Sophisticated Data Simplified

Get access to real-time dashboards that are easy to understand yet statistically robust and have the ability to deep dive into your data.

Flexible Test Structures

We can help you test any combination of shipping, discount, and price tests -- all customizable to your needs.

Expert Informed

We’ve run thousands of price tests, and have made sure that Intelligems helps you develop a strategy and understand the nuance behind your results.

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