Optimized shipping rates, delivered.

Turn shipping from cost into profit.

Find your most profitable shipping rates and thresholds using Intelligems split tests.

Testing your shipping rates with Intelligems allows you to find rates that work for you and your customers. The right shipping profile can allow you to boost profits, maximize conversion without sacrificing on margin, or boost AOV.

Test your shipping rates, free shipping threshold, and beyond

Design and build powerful, multi-group shipping tests in the Intelligems app within minutes. Get fancy with custom shipping rate names, traffic distribution rules, and targeting based on UTM parameters.

Boost AOV with our custom progress bar

Our customizable in-cart progress bar encourages customers to spend more, and automatically updates the shipping threshold between test groups.

Dynamically update copy to deliver a seamless experience to customers

Use our Find & Replace tool to customize mentions of shipping rates and thresholds on your site (including on banners, PDPs, FAQ, and more) per test group.

Get the full picture of test impact

Our dashboard has everything you need to understand the impact of your shipping test. We’ll quantify the impact to profit, AOV, conversion, and more.

Case Study

Boost AOV by upping your free shipping threshold

This customer boosted AOV and revenue per site visitor by increasing their free shipping threshold.

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