Find the “sweet spot” for your prices

Intelligems takes the guesswork out of setting your product prices by allowing you to A/B test prices in real time in order to find the “right” product prices to drive profit, revenue, and conversion boosts. Learn more, get started for free.

Stop guessing. Find the right price by split testing your product prices.

Unlock additional value from your pricing without the guesswork or reliance on messy before and after testing. Leverage this data-driven approach to boost profit and find out what customers are willing to pay for your product.

Test any product, at any price

Easily build product price split tests with just a few clicks in the Intelligems app. Tests are easy to build and customize: add multiple test groups with configurable traffic distribution rules, select which products to include in the test, and set test group prices.

Sophisticated data, simplified

Our powerful out-of-the-box analytics are exactly what you need to quickly analyze (or dig deep into) the tradeoffs between profits, conversion rate, and revenue.

Test without disrupting customers

Create seamless A/B tests that look and feel completely native to customers. Traffic is split in real time and persists across visits, which means no cycling between groups. Dynamically update product prices and price-related copy across your site.

Case Study

Boost your profit through price testing

How Animalhouse Fitness boosted profit through price testing

We’ve run thousands of price tests. Book a call with our team.



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