A/B test anything on your Shopify store

Intelligems can run A/B tests for website imagery and copy, landing pages, Shopify themes, UX, and more, all at an affordable price. With Google Optimize sunsetting in September, now is the right time to transition.

Content Replacements

Use the Intelligems visual content editor to test edits to any text copy, images, HTML, or CSS on your Shopify store


Redirect between versions of a page to see which resonates best with customers. Test as many pages as you want!

Perfect for optimizing your landing pages

Theme Testing

Split test whole Shopify themes, sending some visitors to your existing live theme, and others to a new version

Before launching a theme redesign, A/B test the change to measure impact on conversion, revenue, and profit per visitor!

Javascript API

Developers can use the Intelligems API to create powerful custom tests

Test anything on your store, including custom experiences, UI components, and redesigns using our Javascript API

With the upcoming sunset of Google Optimize, switch to Intelligems to test all aspects of your Shopify store.


Price Testing

Shipping Rate Testing

Combination Testing

Subscription Testing


Content Testing



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