Uncover what your customers are willing to pay for

Test the interaction between product prices and shipping fees to find out whether free shipping is “worth it” for your store.

Discover whether your customers prefer free shipping or lower list prices.

Gather real-time data in order to find the right combination of product price and shipping fees to drive the highest profits and conversion rates.

Create highly customizable tests that adjust both shipping and pricing in parallel

Quickly create multi-group split tests across both product prices and shipping rates. Specify the specific prices and shipping rates for each test group.

Access all the analytics you need

Our out-of-the box analytics allow you to dig into both shipping and pricing details in order to understand the ultimate impact on profit, conversion rate, AOV, and more.

Seamless and native testing experience

Dynamically customize on-site copy, product prices, free shipping progress bars, and more for each test group resulting in a test so non-disruptive that customers won’t know the difference.

“We used Intelligems to test both pricing and shipping. Test was really easy to set up in the app. After a series of tests, we nearly doubled our conversion rate which led to a significant increase in profits.”

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