Frequently Asked Questions

What is price testing?

The Intelligems product allows you to “split” your incoming traffic into groups, and show different prices to these groups — like an A/B test. We then track conversion, AOV, and total profit to see which of these groups makes you the most money.

What can I test with Intelligems?

Our advanced plans allow for tons of customization - we offer the ability to test the following variables. If you think we should add a feature here, let us know at

1. List prices

2. "Compare at" Prices / Discount amounts

3. Subscribe & Save Discount values

4. Any upsell or cross-sell discounts

5. Shipping fees

6. Free shipping thresholds

7. Free Shipping vs. Paid shipping

8. Any banner associate with the above

9. Light UX associated with individual groups

What kind of tests should I start with?

Most of our customers start off by testing the prices on their most popular product/collection, since that will generate the fastest results and the most impact. We usually recommend testing both a lower and a higher price vs. the current price.

Another popular strategy is to test various free shipping thresholds to see what finds the “sweet spot” of AOV and Conversion Rate.

Is price testing safe for my store?

Yes. We’ve hade more than 15 million shoppers go through our tests and have processed > $100M in revenue. Our customers consistently find opportunities to drive additional revenue and/or profitability growth.

Does Intelligems work with subscriptions?

Yes, Intelligems works with ReCharge to facilitate tests around subscription pricing.

How long does Intelligems take to set up?

Integrations are usually completed within 1-3 days of sign-up. Stores with fewer apps and customizations tend to be faster.

Can I run multiple tests at once?

Technically, yes. However, we recommend running tests one at a time to avoid any interaction / substitution effects across the groups that could skew results.

Can I have multiple products in the same test?

Yes, within a test you can have as many products/variants as you would like. This is helpful if, say, you want to test a price change across an entire collection of products.

Do you need to duplicate products to run a test?

On Shopify Plus, we do not need to duplicate products.

How long does it take to run a test?

This depends on a few factors (traffic levels, order volume, the size of the change we are making) and there’s no general rule. We often start seeing results after 100-200 orders per group.

We find that Intelligems works best for stores with > $1.5M in annual revenue, so that tests can be done in a timely manner.

Can I exclude returning customers from tests?

Yes. In our advanced plans, we can help you include or exclude specific segments of visitors from your test.

Will people see different prices during a test?

Our technology makes sure that people always see the same price in their browser, no matter how many times they come back to the site. If people switch devices, they may be placed into a different “group” on that other device.

What should I do with my Google Shopping Feed during a price test?

When testing two prices, we send the highest price to your shopping feed. This avoids any bad experiences where a customer clicks on an ad and then sees a higher price on-site.

What e-commerce platforms does Intelligems integrate with?

Currently Intelligems only supports Shopify stores. If you would like to request support for a different back-end, please reach out to

How much does Intelligems cost?

During our beta, our pricing is based on the size of the store. The greater your annual revenue, the more impact you can have from Intelligems. We charge a flat monthly fee for all services. Reach out for further detail.